Todrick Hall To Rescue MTV With New Series

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I am genuinely torn here — MTV just released news that they’ve created a series revolving around Todrick Hall. I’m torn because I love Todrick Hall and yet, I don’t know if MTV is the right vessel for him. The show, Todrick, will feature a documentary-style look at the gifted musician/choreographer as he and his crew film their weekly YouTube videos. Does MTV deserve such an embarrassment of riches?

I worry that it will become lost amongst series about teen mothers and shallow dating shows. MTV hasn’t correctly captured cool in a long time — oh it used to be cutting edge, but, sadly, they turned from cutting edge tastemakers to a corporate climate that wants to sound like tastemakers. Perhaps Todrick is a major step in the right direction? Maybe this is their climb back into the glory of MTV past?

Interestingly, Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager, will be one of the exec producers. Apparently, MTV has ordered eight episodes to air at some point next year. MTV, hear me now: I want you to be relevant again — you have such a good brand. Todrick is a major talent — do not waste him. I want you both to succeed. I believe you can, but like a ghost in the night, I’ll be watching.

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