‘Turnip For What!’ Michelle Obama Is Vine’s Newest Star

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AlphaCat sent out the vibe on Vine and Michelle Obama sent it right back. Damn, new media is effective at bringing the world together.

Iman Crossan, YouTube’s reigning Obama impersonator and one of the star activists chosen to meet with Barack Obama recently apparently has a special “in” with the White House. Doing his Obama impression, Iman (who also goes as AlphaCat, ICYDK) asked the FLOTUS how many calories she burns every time she ‘turns it up’?


Michelle, who is famously a champion for curbing obesity through healthy eating habits, elected to get punny with her reply from the official White House Vine account:

That’s a turnip if you can’t see the video because you’ve gotten so overweight that your skin has squished into your eyes and rendered you a fleshy Muppet. Of course, how would you be reading this if that’s the case? Eat healthy!

And naturally, Iman was overjoyed by the response:

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.01.18 PM

Now expect a myriad of punny knockoffs surrounding this video because that’s the way that Vine works.

Share this article because it’s good for morale to have the First Lady dancing with a turnip. Damn, and she dances fine too. Ooohwee!