Two Million YouTubers Watch Woman Attempt Ridiculous Selfie Poses

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In this day and age, when anti-bullying is the prevailing trend, it’s difficult to know where to draw the line. On the one hand, what the subject is doing is vain and sad and coming across as desperate. On the other hand, so the f**k what? Let her do her. But then, of course, that sword cuts both ways … why can’t the woman who is taking the video and providing commentary such as “She’s ugly” be herself as well? See, we live in a weird age where you are told to always be yourself … as long as you’re a nice person. And in a sense, judging bullies for being real to themselves is, in itself, a form of bullying.

And then consider that well over two million people have popped onto YouTube to watch this bikini-clad selfie-taker getting judged by an offscreen voyeur — and to leave their own comments on the proceedings. This wormhole goes down a long, long way.

Bet you didn’t expect a social dialogue when you stepped in here …

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