VGHS YouTuber Interviews – Difficulty Level: High


We knew when we dispatched NMR correspondent Graham Kurtz to the premiere of Video Game High School: Season 3 at the YouTube Space LA that things might get a little out of hand. The cast of VGHS might be used to immersing themselves in a video game reality, but we weren’t sure how Graham would fare under the same conditions. Luckily, he’s no noob when it comes to level grinding. Will our intrepid reporter emerge victorious or will he get pwnd?

We threw Graham in at the highest difficulty setting so that he could bring up his game in a hurry. There were a few near misses early on, but soon he was in the zone. He managed to rack up a boatload of XP tackling interviews with the stars of VGHS, including Jimmy Wong, Joanna Sotomura, Dez Dolly, Will Campos, Bryan Forrest and Nathan Kress. Not even a surprise dance-off mini-game with “New Adventures of Peter and Wendy” co-star Brennan Murray could stop his rise to the top of the leaderboards. Will all that be enough to prepare him for an epic boss battle against VGHS creators Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold? You’ll have to watch to find out, but remember to save your game first.

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