Viner Robby Ayala Helps Bring Portal A & Niche Together

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If the branding world has its way, Viner Robby Ayala and his 2.9 million followers are at the forefront of an important collaboration. Content creators Portal A have partnered with Ayala’s parent company Niche to create an expanse of new branding opportunities for new media celebs across a litany of platforms in social media.

The two first teamed up to work on a video Ayala was featured in for One City, a Bay Area nonprofit. And since that went oh so well, the two have annouced that they are continuing the partnership.

“In the past year, we’ve helped over 100 brands to generate viral micro-advertisements within our network of creators. In partnering with Portal A, we’re going beyond shorter-form content to embrace new and more nuanced storytelling opportunities,” said Darren Lachtman, a co-founder of Niche.

“Platforms such as Vine and Instagram are more important than ever in building branded campaigns designed to engage the audience at multiple touch points,” said Zach Blume, partner and managing director of Portal A. “By leveraging Niche’s base of rising online talent and influencers, Portal A will be well-positioned to deliver impactful campaigns that reach new, untapped audiences.”

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Maybe we should send Robby Ayala overseas to bridge that pesky Israel-Palestine issue? No fist bumps though …


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