Vine’s Xbox App Has a Game Changing Gaming Feature

Vine has captured millions of fans, eyeballs, and imaginations with its simple mobile app that allows users to create six second video loops on the go. Now that mobile sensation is coming to Xbox so that you can loop your faves without even leaving your couch. The Vine app for Xbox launched today in 34 countries, bringing six second video to TV screens around the world. This is the first time Vine has introduced an iteration specifically designed for a television, meaning that Viners better brace themselves for six seconds of high-def exposure.


The new app will also make use of Vine’s existing themed channels like “Art,” “Comedy” and “Music” to help users discover new content which they will then hopefully share and revine. The app will also integrate all of the new Xbox One’s control features including voice control and Kinect. Not only will users no longer need to depend on their phones, they won’t even need to depend on their hands to check out the latest Vines; a simple wave or a few words will be enough to start, stop, scroll, and even revine content you love.

Previously this was the only way to capture your gaming highlights for Vine.
All those features are exciting but Vine’s new Xbox app packs one major sleeper advantage. The app will also allow users to create clips using gameplay footage. Vine hasn’t put the new feature at the forefront of its marketing for the new app but we’re willing to bet that it’ll be a game changer. Gaming content has been a huge winner on YouTube and Twitch, but it’s been almost entirely absent from Vine for obvious technical reasons, until now. The ability to capture and share your finest gaming moments opens up a whole new creative world for Viners as well as the potential for a whole new breed of fans. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing lots of Call of Duty, Destiny, and Halo flooding your Vine timeline in the coming weeks as users figure out the best way to exploit the new feature for maximum viral impact.


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