We’ve Got Ophelia Dagger Straight Through The Heart


We got to know Ophelia Dagger under less than ideal circumstances. She’s among the many bold and thoughtful voices who spoke out against sexual assault and exploitation within the YouTube community during the most recent round of alleged abuses. She was an unapologetic voice calling for justice and we were totally impressed. Now that we’ve had a chance to get to know more of her content we’re confident that you’ll be impressed too.

Ophelia launched her current vlogging channel, Old Hot Radio, just over a year ago. Her previous channel OpheliaDagger has been emptied of videos to our eternal regret. Be that as it may, her first video OHR perfectly set the tone for what was to come. The topic is ex-boyfriends, but it’s the no-holds-barred approach that we really love.

She’s also no stranger to controversial topics. Take this video on one of today’s most hotly debated social issues: Ghosts.

She’s a fantastic storyteller, even if that story is a little cringe-inducing for her personally.

She’s a committed feminist which is a word that we should all be down with.

Basically, she’s someone that we want to hang out with and thanks to her reliable vlogging we get to feel like we can.

Check out Ophelia’s channel. Comment, like, subscribe even. Just do all the YouTube things. Let her know we sent you and give her our best because she totally deserves it.

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