What’s Trending Set for India-Based Spin-Off


Shira Lazar’sWhat’s Trending” is going global thanks to a deal with India-based multi-channel network Culture Machine. The MCN will adapt the hugely popular “What’s Trending” format to launch a localized version of the show for India and South Asia. Like the original, the show will feature the same coverage of YouTube and internet culture that fans have come to expect with a focus on local content creators and India specific web trends and stories. Culture Machine will tap into its own local network of content creators to build a foundation Indian equivalent of the Emmy-nominated show.

Based in Singapore, Los Angeles and Mumbai, Culture Mcahine is already responsible for a slew of viral video hits that took Indian social media by storm. The network boasts over 500 creators include of some of India’s most watched and subscribed YouTubers. Musicians Gaurav Dagaonkar and Hanu Dixit makeup gurus Shruti Anand and Elton Fernandz and comedians BollywoodGandu are all on Culture Machine’s roster as is standout channel BeingIndian. BeingIndian is, of course, the channel responsible some of India’s biggest viral hits in recent years with videos like “Every Deli Girl in the World” and “Every Selfie Addict Girl in the World.”

No word yet on who will be assuming hosting duties for the Indian edition, but access to creators and a firm grasp on local web culture will be essential if Culture Machine hopes to replicate “What’s Trending’s” unique take on internet infotainment. The original has racked up over 50 million views making a star out of co-founder and longtime host Shira Lazar. The YouTube phenomenon is a global one meaning that people across the world have access to the same content. However culture based shows like “What’s Trending” uniquely lend themselves to local adaptations. If India’s take on “What’s Trending” is a hit it could be the first outpost of a global franchise.


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