Whistle Sports Scores A Sky High Stack Of Cash


We’ve been keeping close track of Whistle Sports’ big winning streak so of course we’re pumped that the sports focused network is getting another big boost courtesy of Sky. The European broadcast network is tossing Whistle Sports a cool $7 million as the two companies pair up to create sports focused content aimed at younger viewers.

We don’t expect that will be a huge challenge for Whistle Sports. The network already boasts 8.3 million subscribers across their 192 partner channels. Those partners include YouTube sensations like ultimate Frisbee champion Brodie SmithDude PerfectSteve Roberts of STR Skill School and NBA star and social media phenom Jeremy Lin. The network has also inked partnership deals with an array of professional sports leagues including NFL, PGA Tour, NASCAR and Major League Baseball, so they have a wealth of content to draw from for this new endeavor and plenty of cold hard cash to make it happen.

Sky isn’t just brining money to the table. The network is Europe’s largest sports broadcaster and boasts partnerships with English Premier League football, Formula 1, International Cricket, International Rugby and European and US Tour Golf. The partnership will allow the two to share both content and talent to produce some exciting new projects, and you’ll hear about all of them here first!


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