Whistle Sports Shoots For Full Court Control


Whistle Sports might be the fastest growing network on YouTube. Since launching in January, the sports focused MCN has accumulated 8.3 million subscribers across their network of partner channels and over 1.25 billion views. They’ve expanded their physical footprint all the way to Europe, and their digital one all the way to Xbox. Just last month they made waves by drafting NBA star and social media phenom Jeremy Lin to their digital all-star team. Today they’re building on that success with the announcement of a new basketball-focused vertical within their network.

Whistle Sports will bring together 39 of its partner channels to create a more tightly focused community of content creators specializing in basketball. The plan is modeled after the success that the network has already had with The Lacrosse Network, a recently acquired digital network built around lacrosse content. The new vertical will have a strong start with a base over 5.4 million subscribers from partner channels already looking for basketball content.

Whistle Sports partner and NBA pro Jeremy Lin shares some social media pro-tips in a new video.

With a deep bench of basketball partners already behind them, Whistle Sports will have plenty of talent to draw on. NBA pros like Jeremy Lin will be joined by the beloved Harlem Globetrotters and YouTube all-stars like Team Flight Brothers, Stronger Team, and BallIsLife to create a huge and diverse pool of content just in time for the NBA season. When fans are craving more basketball content, especially from off the professional court, Whistle Sports hopes that their new vertical will be the perfect way to meet their needs. Given their recent track record for big moves that pay off, we’re inclined to agree with that assessment.


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