Will ‘Cat Magic Carpet’ Finally Make YouTuber A Star?

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TexasGirly1979 has been a YouTuber on the periphery of fame for a while now. Her many videos of animals over the years — particularly cats riding on Roombas in various outfits have gotten her almost 100,000 subscribers. Now with her latest — a cat dressed up as Aladdin riding on a magic carpet, is TexasGirly1979 finally going to join the ranks of known YouTubers?

She’s clearly found a niche that suits her and the internet at large: people go apeshit for cats doing cute stuff and this latest video is a beautiful example of that philosophy put into practice. So far she seems content to stay off camera, her voice in videos being the only indication of who exactly is behind the scenes. But the YouTube channel, for the time being, seems to support a bigger hobby: Helen’s Pets — a webpage dedicated to her beloved animals and selling merchandise with their pictures on it.

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This Lone Star state transplant (from Estonia) and YouTuber has built a solid foundation with her cats — now if she can step in front of her lens to add a dynamic of familiarity, I think she could go further in the YouTube world and make a career out of it.

Even if she doesn’t though, someone tell her to keep the cat vids coming!

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