Will Fake YouTube ‘Racial Profiling’ Video Hurt Cause?

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I don’t buy it.

This video, in my gut, looks ridiculous and fake. And yet, it is gaining press as a moral firebrand — a veritable lightning rod of racial profiling and police injustice. While there are numerous tales of REAL racial profiling and police injustice, if this video isn’t legit, it could actually run counter to what it seeks to do.

So what makes this video by Middle Eastern PRANK group TrueStoryASA suspect to me? First off, if I were a cop and two thickly-accented guys walked by me fighting and then walked by again with the same thick accents, but in different clothes and still fighting, I’d be suspicious too. But that’s only if the cop was real. Something seems off about this cop and the way they blur his face only makes it seem more disingenuous. This facsimile of a police officer talks the way a young guy who has only seen cops on TV shows that aren’t “COPS” might talk.

Essentially, we know the TrueStoryASA guys are faking their fight, and yet, the “cop” comes off as the worst actor. If this cop is real, he’s clearly got some sort of bizarre mental deficiency — and it isn’t just racial profiling.

Making videos like this though — even to shine a light on other real incidents — takes away from the strength of the argument. I don’t doubt that this duo has been racially profiled when in their cultural getups … but crying “Wolf!” just weakens the case for moral outrage when it does actually happen.

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