Wisecrack’s Alien Doesn’t Understand Earthling Cinema

In the far flung future aliens who visit our planet will only have the relics of our past to look to, from those cheap plastic Floridian Flamingo keychains to our own movie theaters.

Film students rejoice! These are the cliff notes you’ve been waiting for all your lives. The masterminds behind what is easily one of my favorite series, Thug Notes, have created a whole new show all about movies, and the alien who is desperately trying to understand our culture through them.

The show brings us a fantastic breakdown of the film Fight Club and soon will actually make sense of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The series features an alien by the name of Garyx Wormuloid, played by comedian Mark Schroeder.

What am I excited about?

The inevitable collision between this show and Thug Notes. With so many books being adapted this is bound to happen, am I right?


Beware of the alien, don’t eat the barbecue, and share this guy out to all of your friends!