Women Creative Wednesday: Game-Inspired Gals

Women in gaming culture have been getting a lot of not-so-pleasant attention lately, so we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate a few awesome ladies who are inspired by video games and can geek out with the best of them.

Evan DeSimone

Before I begin I need to make an important confession. I am a gaming noob. So when I recently needed to learn more about the Minecraft phenomenon I sought out someone who, like me, was a learner. That’s how I discovered Stacy Hinojosa, or StacyPlays as she is known on YouTube. Like many of my favorites Stacy had a career in YouTube before she had a career on YouTube working as a video producer for Teen.com and collaborating with the likes of Meghan Camarena and Joey Graceffa, and fellow gamer LDShadowLady.

Since launching her channel over a year ago Stacy has evolved from co-starring as a somewhat inept participant on her friends gaming channels to developing her own series and mod packs and collaborating with some of YouTube’s most popular gamers. Her methodical approach to Minecraft, and gaming in general, has earned her 315,000 subscribers and over 30 million views.  She’s also been a great resource for beginners. In a world of pro gamers it’s cool to find a creator who admits that she’s still learning.

If you’re looking to get to know Stacy I’d start by sampling some of her early videos. Most feature Stacy alongside friends playing Minecraft survival games, and she more than earns her tragic catchphrase “I Died!” but her good-natured game play is still endearing. If you’re looking to see tangible proof of someone mastering the ins and outs of Minecraft, check out some of her videos on “The Cube,” a collaborative series featuring tons of other Minecraft players. The Cube is collaboration heavy and also the first showcase for Stacy’s signature creativity. Finally, if you’re totally hooked, you can catch up on her solo series DogCraft and newly launched BookCraft where she puts her creativity to the test in heavily modded Minecraft worlds of her own design.

Jeff Klima

Sajedene is a girl gamer most famous now for being robbed on camera at gunpoint. Which is a pity because she also runs a perfectly good gamer channel. But then again, I picked her for my WCW gamer-inspired topic because she has the guts to move on with life after having a traumatic event like this happen to her. Here is her video after the incident in which Sajedene details exactly what went down — i.e., the stuff you didn’t see on EVERYBODY’s reposting of the event.

So really, I’m focusing on her not because she got robbed, but because she was able to pick up where she left off and rejoin the dual worlds of gaming and YouTube. She could easily have been someone who became traumatized and lost the ability to feel safe while vlogging. I know if someone robbed me at gunpoint, I would just start sobbing and shitting and then eating my own shit to show the robbers I wasn’t worth a bullet. So, um, congrats, Sajedene on not doing that. Also for surviving. Keep gaming, girl.

Sara Parra

Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn is one of the greatest North American Starcraft players out there. She’s raked in over $100,000 over the span of 50 tournaments, making her the second most successful female gamer out there. Known as the ‘Queen of Blades’ or ‘Korean Kryptonite’, she’s taken on players from around the world and come out victorious.

Hostyn has become an iconic eSports player and an inspiration for all “girl gamers” out there who would rather be identified by their talent rather than their gender. As Hostyn once said “mentioning someone is the best gay/black/etc player [is] something that has absolutely no relevance on how they play.”

Hostyn is a Canadian Zerg player on Team Acer.

Christine Linnell

I’m not really into gaming, so I don’t have a favorite lady gamer as such. (That’s at least three demerits against my Geek Feminist Card, but there you have it.) I do, however, enjoy way overthinking the plots of things, which is why I love Jenna Marbles’ hilarious run-down of what video games have taught her. Especially since she isn’t afraid to go old school and discuss things I actually played when I was a kid, like Tetris and Oregon Trail. (Man, snakes really don’t want you to get to Oregon!) Plus I can pretend to nod knowingly when Grand Theft Auto comes up in conversation, so, wins all around really.

Rachel Kiley

When it comes to gaming videos, Katie Wilson’s channel should definitely be on your go-to list. Whether you’re looking for gameplay, parodies, reviews, or even just vlogs about games and gaming, she’s got you covered.

Many of her videos revolve around Nintendo games, which is fitting considering her obvious and unending love for Zelda, but she’s got things for other consoles, too, don’t worry. And once you get through all the game videos (which will be no small feat considering she has 250+ videos on her main channel), you can browse around her other vlogs and medieval-inspired content and music parodies and have fun because what’s the point of watching YouTube if you aren’t having fun! 

Carrington Walsh

I’m not a huge gamer, but when it comes to YouTube gamers I love SSSniperWolf. Her videos are entertaining and cover a wide variety of topics. Everything from relationship advice, cosplaying, cooking, and Q&As. My favorite thing about her gaming videos is how intensely into the game she gets. Sometimes she’ll try to talk about her day and then just start shouting at the game mid-sentence, which will make me burst out laughing. Or, on the other side of the spectrum, she’ll be completely silent as she plays in an attempt to focus.

She’s definitely worth checking out especially if you like getting relationship advice while you game. Also, today is her birthday! So happy birthday, SSSniperWolf!


Who are your favorite lady gamers? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to share!