Women Creative Wednesday: Ladies Who Make Us Laugh

For today’s Women Creative Wednesday, we’ve decided to go with a comedy theme, so we polled our editorial staff to come up with their favorite YouTube lady comedians. Here they are!

Evan DeSimone

I blatantly cheated for this week’s #WCW by choosing two creators instead of one. I suspect both are hilarious on their own but they work best as a duo and far be it from me to separate them. I’m talking, of course, about the ladies of #HotMessMoves. Lyle Friedman and Ashley Skidmore are basically the internet’s answer to Lucy and Ethel. Despite being gifted with perfect comic timing both are prone to a slew of classically millennial mishaps that they capture on their channel. Lyle and Rachel have no shame when it comes to depicting the cringe worthy moments that make up the life of your average twenty-something trying to get by in a big city.

Taking a cue from Twitter and Vine the HotMess duo knows that brevity is the soul of wit when it comes to the internet. Their web series comes in the form of sketches or “twebisodes” if you prefer that typically clock in at less than a minute and a half giving you just enough time to drink in the awkwardness before it’s on to the next one. Real life doesn’t usually dwell on the point for too long and the best laughs usually come from the awkward silences anyway.

The show is now entering its third season, but there’s plenty of content to catch up on. In addition to two razor sharp seasons of #HotMessMoves there’s the filler that is every bit as hilarious as the show itself. My personal favorites are the video snippets in which Lyle and Rachel read from each other’s pre-teen diaries just delight in the cringability of their younger selves. If you’ve ever been a person trying to keep it together and totally failing then I guarantee these ladies are going to speak to you.

Jeff Klima

Being no stranger to controversy, I love comics who can tow the line and make me laugh uproariously while doing it. As far as women on YouTube go, there is probably no one as edgy as Shanna Malcolm. Hell, as far as guys go, there’s probably no one as edgy as Shanna. She attracts plenty of ire for her comments and her signature line, “What Up, McNiglets?” but Shanna is also one of the sweetest and most genuine YouTubers I have ever met. She’s also constantly on the comic go, talking a mile a minute and just super eager to please everyone she meets.

In true comedic fashion, NOTHING is off-limits from the comedian supreme — from her weight, to her trouble with dating, to the color of skin and the foibles that go along with it. But Shanna isn’t just a social commentator doing sketches — she also goes out and takes on challenges … like jousting. Yeah, she pretty much does and says it all. She’s the perfect woman.

I would marry Shanna Malcolm. Hell, I’m going to. (Jeff gets down on one knee, opens box with ring inside that’s “just okay”). I know it isn’t much, but … Shanna, will you marry me?

Rachel Kiley

Teresa Decher and Jason Nguyen’s “Yes Please!” does not get the views it deserves. Now, Jason’s a dude, but we’re gonna overlook that for the purpose of this week’s #WCW because Teresa most definitely isn’t and their channel is worth highlighting.

“Yes, Please!” sketches and parodies tend to feature that sort of spiraling out of control, “how did we end up here??” comedy that thrives on the internet. They’ve already had several videos featured on Funny or Die, and continue to post new videos to their own channel every Tuesday.

Also, let’s face it, I judge every YouTube channel based on how good their “Cups” video is. And “Yes, Please!” just happens to have my personal favorite “Cups” video of all the “Cups” videos on the internet (besides Anna Kendrick’s of course, let’s not get sacrilegious here). So, they win.

Cat O’Grady

For the purpose of warnings, you should know that I preceded my intent to write about these girl with a query about how dirty we were allowed to make our suggestions for the day. So, with that in mind, you may want to put in headphones to watch this next video.

I first heard of Garfunkel and Oates when their video ‘The Loophole’ made the rounds on all the sites where your distant relative can’t see what you’re watching. You may also know this song as “F**k Me in the Ass, Because I Love Jesus.” Yeah, you read that right. These two talented ladies usually have me in stitches by the end of their irreverent, dirty and hilarious songs.

Rikki Lindhome and Kate Micucci started posting their duets about six years ago, back when they were two girls on a couch with a camera, a guitar and a ukulele. Since then, they’ve expanded to fully produced music videos, over 200,000 followers and a complete lack of boundaries in their videos.

Personally, I would recommend putting in headphones if you’re in polite company while you watch, but that’s up to you.

Christine Linnell

It started with a black lesbian rocking out in a watermelon bikini and just got more amazing from there. Hart is a relative newcomer to the mainstream YouTube scene – she was invited to VidCon for the first time this year – but most people will recognize her hilarious and keenly insightful viral video answering the question “If you love women so much why don’t you dress like one?”

With that kind of introduction, I had to find out more – and there’s a lot. As an outspoken comedian, Hart uses everything in her arsenal to tackle the issues affecting her life, from monologues to rap to beautifully profane skits with her alter-egos Michelle’ and De’Monte, as well as a more introspective approach on her personal channel. Now if, like me, you are among the whitest and most suburban people on the planet, you might be in for a bit of an education; but Hart never fails to make me laugh and make me think, usually at the same time.

Logan Rapp

It’s Lee f**king Newton, why are we even having this conversation?