Women Creative Wednesday: Women Who Rock!

For this week’s Women Creative Wednesday, we decided to take a look into the world of music and check out the female-fronted acts that we’ve come to know and love. Enjoy!

Jenni Powell

Isabella “Bunny” Bennett is one third of the absolutely delightful steampunk robot band Steam Powered Giraffe. The original members of the band met while taking mime classes in San Diego and the characters they formed there led to the magic that is this vaudeville-esque group. A very tight-knit community has formed around the band with many of their fans creating characters in the vein of the band members.

When Bunny made the decision to transition both herself and her robot incarnation, she let her fans be part of the process. She led an open and honest discussion around her decision and her feelings during the process, as well as sharing step by step as she moved from “Rabbit” to “Bunny” and her fans and family (her twin brother is also in the group) supported her through it all. If you ever get a chance to see Steam Powered Giraffe live, it’s a truly wonderful and unique experience.

Also, if you watch one video of theirs, have it be Honeybee. Bunny is in her past incarnation there but the song is truly exquisite.

Evan DeSimone

Rozzi Crane is just 21 but she’s got the charisma, soulful vocals and swagger of someone much older. It takes considerable talent to pull off a credible cover of Etta James but Rozzi does that and more on her music channel. She’s got just over 36,000 subs but she deserves ten times that number easily. Recently she’s branched out into that old YouTube standby, collab videos. I’m not usually keen on musical collabs, but her cover of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” featuring Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix and Superfruit fame puts the original to shame.

The Bay Area native started posting videos of live performances on YouTube four years ago. More recently she’s graduated to producing her own music videos and original covers. Now a student at USC studying music, she took the summer off to do a slightly unconventional internship. Rozzi toured with Maroon 5 after lead singer Adam Levine discovered her on YouTube and signed her to his personal label. I highly recommend checking her out before she blows up.

Jeff Klima

Holy god; when we were assigned the task of picking “Women Who Rock” for WCW, I knew immediately I had to share Jan Terri with the world. Specifically, “Losing You” which was arguably Rebecca Black’s “Friday” in the years before YouTube. It’s arguably the worst music video in this space, but Jan definitely gives it her all. I remember seeing this video years ago and rocking with laughter with my little brother and then like a ghost (Jeff does that Kevin Spacey in “The Usual Suspects” “poof” thing): it was gone!

It took me years of looking, but finally I found her again. I treasure what Jan Terri has brought to YouTube and for all the joy she’s given me. Sure, she’s probably not thrilled with the reasons I watch her video, but hey! she’s an artist and likely respects the emotions her “art” brings the world.

For those of you who might complain that technically one vid doesn’t make Jan Terri a YouTuber, check her page out — she’s actually a current YouTuber with so much more music to give us. I also heartily recommend her recent upload, “Skyrockets.”

Rachel Kiley

Nataly Dawn is perhaps best known as one-half of the band Pomplamoose, which I adore and will undoubtedly talk about quite often. Pomplamoose popularized the idea of “video songs,” which is where every single sound that occurs in the song has to be seen on camera at some point. Their video song for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” is what initially catapulted them to YouTube fame back in 2010, and they’ve continued releasing incredibly successful covers as well as their own music, branching out into creating really clever music videos (beyond just “video songs”) to go along with them.

Nataly also has her own channel with her own music and her own collaborations, and that’s all pretty darn great as well. AND she has another collab channel with fellow musician Lauren O’Connell called “My Terrible Friend.”  That one hasn’t been active for awhile, but fingers crossed that they’ll come back, because they’ve done some interesting work together.

So go check out all that stuff, and if you ever get the opportunity to see Pomplamoose play live, trust me, take it. They’re at least as entertaining in person as in their videos.

Christine Linnell

As someone with a soft spot for gritty classic rock but annoyed at how dude-centric it is, I experienced a moment of pure glee when a random Tumblr post introduced me to Lake Street Dive’s Rachael Price singing Paul McCartney’s “Let Me Roll It” and her voice knocked me back in my chair. Even better, they had another badass lady by the name of Bridget Kearney on the upright bass, just to drive the whole “plays like a girl” point home.

As is often the case, I was late to the musical party. Lake Street Dive (also including trumpet player and guitarist Mike “McDuck” Olson and drummer Mike Calabrese but is this article called “Dudes Who Rock” NO IT ISN’T) was founded in 2004 and went viral on YouTube a couple of years ago with their cover of “I Want You Back”, performed around a single microphone on a Boston sidewalk. Since then they’ve made appearances on The Colbert Report, The Ellen Show and Conan, but most of the performances you’ll find on YouTube are from little studios and dive bars (hence the name), giving the group a local authenticity that can be hard to find these days.

Logan Rapp

Shit yeah, I get to talk about Sarah Blackwood. Most of you will recognize her from Walk Off The Earth, obviously, or possibly her personal channel, which has a lot of great singer-songwriter/alt-country tracks.

Before that, however, for over five years, she fronted The Creepshow, a psychobilly band whose songs are predominantly about horror films. Everything about them fits together with their band name – everything. Sarah was actually the second frontwoman, taking over for her sister Jen “Hellcat” Blackwood (who went on to front another awesome band, Hellcat and the Prowl), but the Sarah era was, to date, by far the longest lasting.

Obviously Sarah’s full time with Walk Off The Earth and her solo projects, as well as raising a child (she was touring while pregnant. No, really, like the baby was bigger than her near the end of the tour. Now that’s punk rock) keeps her from ever coming back to The Creepshow, but I really hope she goes back to electric one day and just pulls off a punk album on her own. It would kill. I’m setting aside my money now.

She also did a cover of AWOLNATION’s “Sail” that gives me hope she isn’t letting her rocker side completely fade.

Cat O’Grady

Today’s theme is “girls who rock.” It took me two hours, five different search terms and the entirety of my previously watched list to find a video that actually had to do with girls talking about rocks.

TheSorryGirls are a duo who do DIY’s on YouTube, everything from costumes to soap dispensers to, you guessed it, rock necklaces. My desire to make not-so-clever puns aside, these girls make some quality videos. I’ve often been told that I’m “doing YouTube wrong” because I mostly watch second-hand Broadway recordings, fanvids and DIYs. Whether or not that’s true (it’s not!) these girls were one of the channels I returned to often.

They started about four years ago, almost exactly. Many of their videos focus on costumes and last-minute Halloween closet-grabs, so if you’re still stuck on what to wear in three weeks, this is a good place to start. If not, at least you now know how to make a rock necklace.


Any other rocking ladies we should feature? Let us know in the comments.