Women Creative Wednesday: YouTubers Who Should Be Superheroes

For this week’s Women Creative Wednesday, we take a journey through YouTube and pick out those lovely ladies who we think would make the best superheroes…if they aren’t using their YouTube personas as alter egos for their super-selves already. Hmm…

Evan DeSimone

Everyone went nuts yesterday when Marvel announced a Captain Marvel film for Phase 3 of their cinematic universe, and the excitement reached a fever pitch when they confirmed that it would be Carol Danvers wearing the quantum bands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Carol Danvers fan, but a part of me was hoping we might get to see the original female Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau.

Monica was the first woman AND the first person of color to hold the title of Captain Marvel. Since then, she’s been through a succession of codenames including Photon, Pulsar, and currently, Spectrum, all of which allude to her light and energy manipulating powers. In her long career, she’s been a solo hero, leader of The Avengers, and a member of the slapstick team of misfits known as Nextwave. All that AND she was saving the day as Captain Marvel while Carol Danvers was still calling herself Ms. Marvel and sporting a bob and a bellyshirt.

Monica is a tough lady who never loses her sense of humor, even in the heat of battle. Who better to play that part than YouTube’s own comedy crusader, Franchesca Ramsey, better known as Chescaleigh? Franchesca has both the grit and the wit to breathe life into a complicated character like Monica Rambeau. Her channel is all about comedy and she’s got an undeniable gift for characters, impressions, and clever parodies. However, that doesn’t mean that when she sees an injustice, as she did during the recent Ferguson protests or in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, she won’t put those laughs aside to take a stand. Plus, we know from her Olivia Pope parody that she could totally rock Monica’s original white-on-white costume.

Jeff Klima

Is it cheating if I choose Superwoman for my YouTuber Who Should Be A Superhero? Superwoman AKA Lilly Singh, the motor-mouthed star of female empowerment on YouTube is damn near a superhero already, but I thought I would complete the transition by envisioning her as a full-fledged heroine. Obviously, her name would stay Superwoman (why mess with a good thing?), but her power would be her ability to talk bad guys into a coma. Earplugs would be useless against her ability to just tell you every damn thing about her day, like what she had for breakfast and the look she got from the woman at the grocery market and how there are too damn many people going to the hair salon and how you don’t earn enough money to take her to nice restaurants… 

As for her weakness? You would guess sore throats, but as this video above shows, nope. A sore throat just makes her talk incessantly (and counterproductively) about having a sore throat. So let’s go with…mosquitoes. Yeah, mosquitoes suck. But Lilly — er, Superwoman — rules. Check her out…just be respectful and don’t use your x-ray vision without her permission.

Cat O’Grady

Shockingly, I’m not going to use this opportunity to talk at length about the new Marvel announcements (although, I’m as excited about Captain Marvel as the next girl.) Nope! Instead, I’m going to defy all expectations and just talk about someone who would be an amazing superhero in her own right.

Tadelsmith makes amazing sarcastic tutorials, like the one shown above. I like to think that this is the exact thought process that Black Widow uses every time she puts on her flawless makeup (what? I didn’t say I wouldn’t make any Marvel references).

I like to think that Tadelsmith would be the kind of superhero who makes her own powers. She’d have amazing things like poison lipgloss and knock-out gas in a perfume bottle, taking down the patriarchy in sensible shoes and perfect hair.

Christine Linnell

C’mon, you can’t have a “Women YouTubers Who Should Be Superheroes” list without Felicia Day! I mean sure, she’s a little obvious, but when we carefully avoided the obvious choice of Hannah Hart’s “My Drunk Kitchen” for Throwback Thursday: Booze Edition, our Editor-in-Chief fired all of us. Seriously though, she’d be great. She’s got that badass funny redhead thing going for her, she’s appeared in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural, she played an elf in “Dragon Age: Redemption,” she can probably summon legions of screaming fanboys/fangirls to do her bidding, and she’s down for learning all kinds of superhero-appropriate skills. Here she is learning parkour! Sort of. I mean, she’s taking a good stab at it. If her parkour instructor agrees to be her secretly-running-the-show sidekick, Felicia so has my vote. (You vote for superheroes, right? They’re like a municipal service?)

Jenni Powell

Amy Dallen IS a superhero…well, she’s at least my superhero.  I produced a show for Amy for Geek & Sundry called “Talkin’ Comics Weekly” and had the total honor of witnessing this woman’s superpowers first hand.  The story goes that she was discovered by Wil Wheaton working in the comic shop House of Secrets (which is where he gets all his comics from…which, incidentally, is now the only comic shop I can frequent…because Amy).  Because of the fact that she is absolutely charming to the core and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things comics (though she does admit herself that she’s more of a Marvel girl…I can’t imagine the joyous noises that came out of her when she heard the Marvel Phase 3 announcement), Wheaton suggested to Felicia Day that she be brought into the Geek & Sundry family somehow. 

And thus, a superhero vlogger was born!  Not only can she vlog, but dang, can she sing!  As evidenced by the video above in which she creates a comic book-inspired Halloween song based on Bach’s “Little Fugue in G Minor.”  She adds in the description: “but loosely so: the version I’m singing turns the complex fugue into a simple round… because that’s how we learned it in elementary school, and it’s just been stuck in my head that way ever since.” 

You’re the absolute best, Amy Dallen. 

Rachel Kiley

I was already planning on writing about Lindsey Stirling and an amazing world in which her violin was the source of her superpowers when I discovered she put out a new video last week where that is essentially the case.

It’s pretty damn awesome, don’t get me wrong, but let’s travel back to my original vision for her superhero-ness for a moment:

It’s a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The world has been brought to ruin by the demise of culture, the over-reliance on tech, the inability of our natural resources to sustain a booming population, the greed and misogyny and general criminal inclination of what is still called humanity. All that jazz. Except there is no jazz anymore, because, see previous sentence re: culture. But lo! The tales of a lone woman wandering through the deserts from one makeshift shamble of a town to the next are told far and wide. The Violinist, they call her, for that is what she carries with her. Those old enough to remember music recognize the device, but to most, it’s just a word. But words have power, and so does her instrument. For though the sound of the strings in and of itself might bring cold-hearted mercenaries to tears, what this hero carries is no simple violin. Nay, it has been imbued with the power to hypnotize, to make others do the bidding of whomever plays it, so long as the song continues on. And The Violinist uses this gift for good, rescuing those who have fallen victim to a society that failed them, a society that turned its back on values and compassion in exchange for greed and self-preservation. She’s never worried about the violin falling into the wrong hands before, as there is no one else left who possesses the skill required to control the music it can create. Or so she thought…

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