YouCoalition Introduces “Safer Community Pledge”


In response to all of the allegations that have been coming out this year against prominent YouTubers, a “task force” called YouCoalition has been formed to “combat sexual abuse, emotional manipulation, and other forms of violence in the YouTube community.”

To kickstart the movement, YouCoalition has compiled a list of agreements entitled the “Safer Community Pledge,” designed to encourage people to take responsibility for maintaining a safe and fun community, and to promote discussion surrounding consent and sexual harassment. Their blog states that they are also working on formulating a video campaign to educate further on these topics, and will be hosting Q&As and discussion threads on the blog itself.

There is always concern about what steps can be taken to foster a healthy online community, but recent attention has also been on what can be done to make sure conventions and other physical meet ups are secure for everyone involved. Both LeakyCon (soon to be GeekyCon) and VidCon have been working with YouCoalition to address the issues and concerns that have been brought up, which will hopefully be a strong step towards ensuring the abuse issues that have occurred in the community are not allowed to repeat themselves.

If you want to get involved with the movement, you can take the pledge here, and enter into the discussion using the hashtags #SaferCommunityPledge or #HealthyYouTube on Twitter or Tumblr.