You’re Not Ready For Halloween Until You See This


Are you prepared for Halloween? I doubt it, since you haven’t yet seen the video I’m about to recommend. No one can be fully prepared for Halloween until they know their history. Halloween isn’t just about dressing up as a sexy zombie. (Or sexy artichoke? Sexy airplane? You can tell us, this is a no-judgement zone.) Fortunately the Draw My News gang held a séance to channel the ultimate Halloween expert, Vincent Price, to give us the lowdown on the holiday and its storied origins.

Vincent Price is an undisputed Halloween authority and he’s come all the way from the afterlife just to bring you up to speed. Spoiler alert: the story of Halloween involves evil spirits and flaming bags of poo, so it’s really not to be missed. So before you slip into your costume, sexy or otherwise, you’re going to want to click play and get the full information info download.

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