YouTube Restructures Content Division


YouTube has spent the last several years increasing their involvement in content creation for the platform, building YouTube Spaces at which qualifying creators shoot and collaborate on videos, and previously funding a number of channels to create their own original programming. 

Now, YouTube has restructured their original content division in a way that will allow them to take a more dedicated and tailored approach to overseeing the projects being considered for their latest round of funding, which will focus on projects pitched to them by prominent YouTubers.

The new structure will have three subdivisions under their head of entertainment, Alex Carloss. Tim Shey, current director of development for YouTube Spaces and founder of Next New Networks, will be in charge of scripted content, YouTube’s current head of investment strategy Ivana Kirkbride will be overseeing unscripted content, and Ben Relles will be moving from content strategy to heading up comedy.

TheVideoInk reports that though YouTube still intends to focus primarily on the short-form videos that it is known for, the company may also be using the next set of projects it funds to experiment with new formats, such as creating feature length content and repackaging short episodic content into television episodes.

Regardless of the scope of YouTube’s intentions for the original content they help get off the ground, setting up department heads for these different categories should help with nurturing and developing the content in a way that is beneficial for both the company and the individual creators who have already proven themselves to be successful at mastering the platform.

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