YouTuber Perfectly Animates Classic Movie Scenes With Legos


I like movies. I like Legos. I like especially when those two things coincide in a cool way. That’s why I’m totally digging this video from YouTuber Morgan Spence, who goes by Morgspenny Productions online. Morgan is a fifteen year old Lego artist and stop motion filmmaker. His latest creation recreates scenes from 13 classic films, from E.T. and The Wizard of Oz to The Shining and Pulp Fiction. Even Dirty Dancing gets a shoutout.



Morgan lives in Scotland and started bringing his love of Legos and his passion for filmmaking to YouTube three years ago. His work is so impressive it got him noticed by DJ Paul Oakenfold, who hired Morgan to create the video for his 2013 single “Who Do You Love.” That video is rad too, so I’m going to include it below because I’m in a giving mood.


Check out Morgan’s channel — he’s created tons of other Lego short films and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


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