YouTuber Trisha Paytas ‘Leaks’ Her Own Nude Photos

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If you want to have a frank sexual discussion, look no further than one of my favorite YouTubers: Trisha Paytas. Frequently collabing with Shane Dawson on her channel blndsundoll4mj, the zaftig Trisha has made a name for herself by gabbing about her frequent sexual encounters with celebrities and poking fun at the skinny girl/fat girl world. Now she’s taking on the Fappening, that recent (and ongoing) stream of emerging stolen celebrity nudes plaguing the internet.

Trisha hasn’t been affected by the Fappening primarily because she’s been putting her shit out there for years. As she gamely admits, there are nude photos of her floating around the internet and as a quasi celebrity in entertainment, she’s getting ahead of that particular train so that it doesn’t interfere with her schwerve. And yes, absolutely I searched the second she said that. Ding!

While her argument that “if you don’t want your photos to get leaked you shouldn’t take them” ignores the bigger issue that you should be able to have nude photos of yourself without people STEALING them (she even admits sex tapes are a different ish), Trisha has a healthy and funny opinion of sex and nudity. She even titled today’s fresh video release “Trisha Paytas Nude Photos Leaked” because she fully understands the aggressive nature of the internet and sex.

Feminist groups might not like her, but Trisha is doing her thing her way. And she’s a total sweetheart.

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