YouTubers Take A World Tour With #FortuneTraveller


Turkish Airlines knows how to get social media’s attention. They already had huge success last year with their Kobe vs Messi campaign. Now the airline, which is already the most subscribed on YouTube, is tapping a group of YouTube stars for an even bigger adventure. YouTubers like Devin Supertramp from the US and the UK’s Damien Walters will fly to bustling Istanbul, headquarters of Turkish Air, to participate in a “traditional Turkish fortune telling event.” Following which they will each be whisked off to the airport for a trip to one of Turkish Airlines’ 260 different global destinations.

The YouTubers will be vlogging their international adventure for fans to see and the whole event can be tracked on social media with the hasthag #FortuneTraveller. The campaign will include YouTubers from 10 different countries including vlogger Louis Cole, ultimate Frisbee pro Brodie Smith, linguist Bilingirl and freestyle soccer star Sean Garnier. The whole thing was assembled with the help of Rightster, a London based MCN that specializes in connecting YouTube creators with brands.

The trip is already underway and you can check out a playlist below:

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