Zeroing In On Jimmy0010


If you’re just getting to know your vloggers you’ll want to set aside some time to get familiar with James Hill, better known as Jimmy0010. He’s an OG YouTuber who’s been vlogging since 2007. His channel dates all the way back to the days of grainy webcam vlogs in 240p and he’s been inviting us to chat in his bedroom ever since. We appreciate YouTubers who don’t take themselves too seriously and Jimmy’s self-deprecating sense of humor fits the bill perfectly.

Jimmy’s earliest video sets the tone with some laid back stream of consciousness ramblings that somehow manage to endear him to us.


Here he is six years ago, reminding us of the good old days of email spam scams. A scourge of the early internet that I had nearly forgotten now that I live in spam filtered Gmail Utopia, these things were everywhere back in the day. We certainly thank Jimmy for getting the word out.


When we saw this video was titled Melon Baby, we really had no choice other than to click on it now did we? I’m not sure what we were expecting, but clearly we got what we deserved.


Occasionally he does leave the house. In this case it was to give us a fantastic first hand view of beautiful London.


If you’ve had your fill of viral videos you might want to take a look at Jimmy’s take on the genre. It’s a bit more literal.


By now you’re probably dying for Jimmy’s YouTube story; fortunately we can help you out with that. This one even contains clips from his very first video.


He’s no stranger to the occasional tag video. Here he is hanging with another one of our favorites, the charming Ophelia Dagger.


Even though he’s changed with the times, Jimmy still occasionally brings out the classic bedroom chat to keep things real.

We definitely enjoyed our deep dive into Jimmy0010’s extensive catalog of videos and we’re sure you will too. Go check him out and give him a hello from NMR when you decide to subscribe!

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