Zoella Will Be First Digital Ambassador For Mental Health

zoeyesZoella has won over millions of fans with her sunny approachable personality and her every-girl style tips, but she’s also never shied away from sharing her personal struggles, even when it might dent her perpetually upbeat image. Zoe Sugg operates one of the most popular and polished vlogging channels on YouTube but she’s still not afraid to whip out her camera and film herself having a tough moment as she did recently, posting a tearfully candid vlog update about her struggle to keep up with the pressures and demands of her online fame. It’s this openness that makes her perfect for her latest role.

Zoe has been tapped to act as the first digital ambassador for Mind, a charity organization dedicated to raising awareness of mental health issues. In her new role, Zoe will use her massive social media platform to reach young people who may be suffering with mental illness and help them to connect the support and services they need to live a better life. The ambassadorship will also tie in with Zoe’s own #DontPanicButton initiative, a social media campaign designed to help Zoe’s young fans talk openly about anxiety issues and panic attacks.

Mind has tapped celebrities before but this is their first foray into the digital space, with Zoe serving as both an experienced guide and the face of the campaign. According to a statement from Mind the role is the first of its kind and was created exclusively with Zoe in mind, though more vloggers may be in line for outreach if all goes well. Like corporations, non-profits have finally started to recognize the huge influence and reach of vloggers and social media personalities and have begun to find creative ways to leverage their influence for good causes.


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