5 Copyrighted Movies That Should Be Removed From YouTube

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Considering that YouTube is one of the world’s largest digital content aggregators, it’s no surprise that dodgy content ends up on there sometimes. Or content that, hmm, maybe isn’t supposed to be there … you know, because of copyrights and stuff. But there it sits. Now, we know you wouldn’t do anything illegal like torrenting property or actually hosting pirated movies yourself. Which we are happy about.

But if you found a McDonald’s hamburger … no, make it a cheeseburger … just sitting there on a park bench, abandoned, you’d eat it right? Like it had clearly been sitting there for days … just chillin’ and nobody seemed interested in it. Would it be a crime to eat that cheeseburger? Maybe, maybe not. Sure, you didn’t pay for it, but if someone really cared about it, they wouldn’t have allowed it to just sit there for days on end without guarding it or taking it away. So in a sense, that cheeseburger, just like these Hollywood films that pop up on YouTube … might be considered fair game?

It’s a gray area, so we aren’t advocating in the least that you “eat the cheeseburger.” We’re just telling you where five of the best FREE cheeseburgers on YouTube are. In case, you know, you do own the copyright and want to take them down …

5. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

4. Dracula Untold (2014)

3. Looper

2. UP

1. 21 Jump Street


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