5 Movember Videos To Kick Cancer In The Balls

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Halloween is over, Day of the Dead is over and now we’re on to the next thing: Movember! You wait your goddamn turn, Thanksgiving!

Movember, kind of the snarky tongue-in-cheek paramour of Breast Cancer Awareness in October, is dedicated to raising money for man cancer, vis-á-vis campaigns and charity efforts revolving around the growing of mustaches. And since our mustaches are in their gestational period here at NMR, we thought we’d concentrate on the next phase of Movember: spreading awareness. So here are five of the best new Movember videos for 2014! Spread ‘em and grow ‘em if you can. Long Live Movember!


Note: Since we already covered this boss Sam Jackson one, we decided not to count it. Besides, there’s plenty of Movember Madness to go around:

How To Do Movember

Of course we weren’t going to have a list without the Movember Foundation’s contribution.

Spencer FC Races FIFA against Movember

Spencer can’t shave his already-impressive mustache until either the end of November or the gamer beats Division A on “FiFa World Cup 15’s” Seasons Mode. We say the end of November happens first.

Barnacules Nerdgasm

Three cheers for Team Barnacules, who has been pitching Movember for years!

College Humor Teams With Peter Sarsgaard

Peter Sarsgaard claims that all food tastes better with a mustache! Just dropped an hour ago!

“What Should I Do?” Ali-A Does Movember

Brit Gamer Ali-A turns to you, the fans, to determine how he should style his Movember ‘stash.


Go here to donate to Movember or get properly involved. And share this article because you could save some lives OR some balls.