5 Tumblrs That Will Make You A Better YouTuber

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There’s more wisdom available in this world than you need by far. That doesn’t make it worthless knowledge, but it can make it harder for you to find knowledge you want. Typically, you have to work through an awful lot of clutter to find the pearls of wisdom — unless what you’re looking for has a Wikipedia page.

Sometimes, the best information to help you in life isn’t even in the place you are looking for it. There are a lot of theoretical videos on YouTube that promise to help make you a better YouTuber — hell, YouTube itself even offers classes on the subject. But sometimes you have to look to other social media platforms for answers to the question “How can I become a better YouTuber?” Here are five great Tumblr accounts that can help you with those answers in one way or another:

5. http://abcworldnews.tumblr.com

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Content is an important facet of any channel and staying contemporary and in the conversation are more important still if you want to be a successful YouTuber. You might not have a news channel, but it is key to running, say, a comedy skit channel that you can make the most of opportunities to mine content by staying abreast of what is happening globally. If you’re serious about YouTubing, you should probably be checking news sites daily for good potential.

4. http://youtube.tumblr.com

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Another no-brainer is YouTube’s own Tumblr. There is a much more diverse and comprehensive offering of channels and hot videos here than on YouTube’s landing page. Part of being relevant on YouTube is knowing what relevant looks like. Know your competition, know what memes are trending and know how to get ahead of the trends. You can do all this and more just by hitting up YouTube’s Tumblr.

3. http://motivateyourselfeachandeveryday.tumblr.com

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The discipline to get the job done is easily one of the most important attributes to being a success in life and on YouTube. No person is an island though — we all need support and motivational supplements to push us through and increase our output. If you put out one video a week, get motivated to put out two. If you do two, try for three. Pushing yourself to explore past your perceived limitations can ignite the spark that rockets you to success.

2. http://creativeguerrillamarketing.tumblr.com

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Look, with seven billion people on the planet, chances are there are a couple of other people who are interested in your same niche. Maybe a couple of them got on YouTube first even? So how do you become the better, more known channel? Get smart about it. This is a great site to help you think outside the box when figuring out how to present yourself to the world. Chances are, you’ll find at least a few ideas here that will grow your subscription numbers in a way you never thought possible.

1. http://movietography.tumblr.com

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For God’s sake, this is like rule #1 on YouTube — or at least it should be. Make your videos worth watching. Learn about lighting techniques and proper framing. This is a game for professionals and millionaires now. You think FreddieW isn’t studying up constantly on how to make his work better? You absolutely should know everything you can about presenting a pleasing aesthetic if you want to thrive in a visual medium. Learn cinematography and you will have a giant advantage over most of your competition, regardless of the niche.


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