5 Videos of Veterans Surprising Family Members With Homecoming

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Happy Veterans Day to all the members of the Armed Services from NMR! My own brother is in the Army and I will get to see him this Christmas, so I am feeling extra excited for this holiday. Since we always do what we can to support our troops overseas and our returned soldiers at home, we thought today would be good for a positive and emotionally powerful list. Here are five videos of soldiers returning home unexpectedly to surprise their wives, husbands, kids and parents — if some of these don’t get you a little misty-eyed, well, you might be made of stone. Think how excited you’d be if you got to see someone you loved after a long time away. Emotional, right?

5. Soldier Returns, Surprises His Veteran Grandfather

4. Daughter Gets Surprised At School

3. Soldier Surprises Daughter On Live TV

2. Dad Dresses Up As Rival Football Player To Surprise Son On Field

1. Dad Surprises Family At Football Game

Share this article because there is something great about getting to witness these powerful moments. Two of them made me tear up — how ‘bout you?