5 YouTubers Who Were In Major Hollywood Films

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Look, I already know this list is going to get me in hot water. Right from the moment I mentioned I was making it, everyone had their own opinion on who deserved to be here and what constituted a “Major Hollywood Film.” Yes, I know lots of YouTubers are on reality shows and in TV commercials. But those aren’t MAJOR HOLLYWOOD FILMS. Neither are sitcoms, indie films made by YouTubers or things with Felicia Day in it. All of those things deserve their own lists — and NMR will do them … in time. But for right now, we’re just interested in MAJOR HOLLYWOOD FILMS. So no Camp Takota, no Smiley, no Iman Crossan. Just the following five films which I consider (yes, I know “Tusk” could be considered “indie” by some — deal with it) to have a studio release. Which means no Pitch Perfect 2 yet. Also, no, I didn’t forget Fred: The Movie.

5. Jessica Rose: I Know Who Killed Me

Yes, LonelyGirl15 briefly had a mainstream acting career. Her “sizzle reel” (above), proves it. Probably one or two of these clips are from the Lindsay Lohan vessel, “I Know Who Killed Me.” No, I did not watch the film, no, I will not watch the film. This is my version of “Green Eggs & Ham.”

4. Kassem G Transformers: Age of Extinction

Man, I just realized I am not very supportive of YouTubers and their big screen debuts. I gotta get off YouTube and go to the movies once in a while. I didn’t even know this was a thing until a couple hours ago.

3. Taryn Southern: Battle: Los Angeles

Blink and you’ll miss her, but Taryn shows up in this film that I remember seeing ads for and going, “Yeah, not gonna see that.” With Taryn in it though, this movie might just make my Top Ten.

2. Harley Morenstein: Tusk

One of the all time great casting calls, Harley Morenstein nails it in this movie. F**kin’ Canados and Canadon’ts. Amazing.

1. Alex Anfanger: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

I have a bias because Next Time On Lonny is my favorite thing on YouTube ever. So Alex, who plays “Toner Guy” wins. Except this wasn’t really a contest. But he still wins.


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