A Comiconflict At Stan Lee’s Comikaze


We love superheroes because their stories almost always involve an epic conflict. Right versus wrong, good versus evil, human versus mutant, these are all staple battles in the world of superheroes. Now, however, a new conflict is brewing: superheroes are enjoying a huge pop culture moment with blockbuster movies around every corner. Conventions, like Stan Lee’s Comikaze, are flooded with a wave of new fans whose first introduction to the cape-and-tights set was via the silver screen rather than a dusty longbox. It’s good news for the industry overall, but old school fans are feeling the squeeze.

When NMR dispatched our two top correspondents, Tim Baker and Graham Kurtz, to the convention floor no one expected that they’d end up taking sides in this ultimate superhero civil war. It’s (metaphorical) brother-against-brother in this video as the both intrepid interviewers race to secure answers to their burning questions from the likes of Cracked editor Alex Schmidt, Batman, and even Stan the man Lee himself.



Ultimately, like any conflict between two heroes, this could only be settled with a deadly dance duel.


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