Activision Removing Advanced Warfare Videos


Activision is at it again, removing any video of the latest Call of Duty installment that features a glitch or exploit in the game under the guise of copyright infringement.

Machinima sent out a notice to all of its partners informing them:

“Activision is being particularly vigilant about their Call of Duty videos lately; issuing strikes on videos showing glitches. If you post videos highlighting these glitches, your channel may be liable to receive a copyright strike so please be careful.”

Copyright strikes are a serious matter on YouTube, and potentially crippling to smaller gaming channels. According to YouTube:

Receiving a copyright strike will put your account in bad standing and you will lose access to certain YouTube features.

If you receive three copyright strikes, your account will be terminated. All the videos uploaded to your account will be removed. Users with terminated accounts aren’t able to create new accounts.

When asked about the removals Activision stated:

“We’re excited that so many fans are having fun playing the game and posting videos of their gameplay. We love watching the videos ourselves. Occasionally, some folks post videos that promote cheating and unfair exploits. As always, we keep an eye out for these videos – our level of video claims hasn’t changed.

We are appreciative of the community’s support in helping to ensure that everyone has the best playing experience possible.”

Except that’s not what you should use a copyright strike for, Activision. Quality control in regards to exploits and glitches should lie with the company who creates the game, not the users who find a way to use them to their advantage.

If you’re going to copyright strike game footage, then strike it all or none of it. You shouldn’t be able to have your cake and eat it too.

I just wonder, how long will it take for YouTube to stand on the side of its creators on this issue.

Do you think Activision should be allowed to send a copyright strike over game exploits? Discuss and be sure to share with your friends to see what they think too!