Agent XPQ Describes Existence Better Than Anyone Else


I’m been on a binge of nostalgically going through my oldest YouTube account and seeing if those who I subscribed to have succeeded or fallen off the proverbial YouTube planet. Mostly everyone’s survived the gamut of insane commentators and site rehauls, much to my delight.

One channel I was incredibly happy to see still creating amazing content and being poignant as ever is Agent XPQ.

Agent XPQ aka Levni Yilmax creates simple animations using translucent paper and a pencil. It’s kind of a better version of the whiteboard video, before whiteboard videos were a thing. His series is titled Tales of Mere Existence and it’s awesome.

What I love about this series, or rather what drew me to it in the first place, was that the animations are exactly that: Tales of Mere Existence.

YouTube is the proverbial mecca for look at how cool my life is, as a matter of fact, all of social media is designed that way. Vlogs, which were once about mere existence have expanded to show off how cool being alive is. Look at the great and evil things humanity is capable of and let’s ponder the meaning of existence while we’re at it!

This is cool!

This is awesome!

This. is. exhausting.

And most of the time, we’re not doing anything cool, we’re just merely existing.

That’s pretty cool too.

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