AHOY Educates You On The History of Graphics

AHOY takes a look at what graphics are and how they’ve shaped the modern landscape.

The channel that normally expounds digital projectile weaponry has taken a decidedly different route with its last couple of videos.

Earlier in October the channel took a departure, starting with their break down of the Comodor Amiga and its inevitable downfall.

Then they followed up with a retro-history and look into the effects the Half-Life series had on gaming and first-person shooters:

If the new documentary style doesn’t suit you, fear not, there’s a breakdown of just about every weapon featured in an FPS. Take for example, their brilliant analysis of the MP5:

Either way your ears and eyes are in for a treat, and AHOY’s series on graphics has just begun. The next episode will be uploaded tomorrow morning at 8 AM, PST.


Want to explain video game graphics to your buddies? Go ahead and share this out to them, and they’ll get an education they’ll never forget