‘Alex From Target’ Wannabe Spurs Worst TV Interview Ever

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.25.35 PM

A Fox news affiliate in Detroit thought they were cool, so they decided to conduct an on-air interview with a shockjock radio show producer — whoops.

The interview was initiated because the radio producer was going viral over his take on an Alex From Target pic he had gotten trending called #JamesFromWRIF. In the viral photo, the producer, James, poses in an American flag man thong in a swimming pool. What the Fox TV producers thought they were getting into, who knows?

The moment James says the word “p*nis,” the news hosts flip out and begin scolding the man on “appropriate television words.” Then the interview abruptly ends, and everyone is left uncomfortable — but more because of the news hosts than anything to do with a man in a thong. Now this video of an interview about going viral is going viral — how meta is that?

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