Alfie and Zoella Give Back With Band Aid


File this under “ways to give back.” U2 lead singer Bono made waves recently with the launch of Band Aid 30, a retread of the charity supergroup formed in 1984 to combat poverty in Africa. The original Band Aid included some 40 well-known British and Irish musicians who came together to record the new ubiquitous “Do They Know It’s Christmas.” The single was a huge success and all the profits were donated to anti-poverty efforts. This year a new group of artists marked the 30th Anniversary of Band Aid by recording a new version of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” to help combat the Ebola crisis, and it wasn’t just musicians getting in the spirit. British YouTubers Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, and Joe Sugg joined the musical supergroup to record an updated version of the Christmas classic.

The vloggers joined stars like Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora, Sam Smith and One Direction to record and promote the new track. Though not traditionally singers, all three YouTube stars lend their voices to the chorus and can be seen in the music video arm-in-arm with some of the UK’s biggest music icons. Perhaps more important than the actual vocals, all three YouTubers are adding their social media voices to the promotional efforts spreading the word about the single to their millions of fans and helping to raise even more cash for the cause.

Unlike the previous version, the new single will release multiple versions including official remixes by both Underworld and Disclosure. In 1984, the original Band Aid raised over 8 million pounds, but the most recent installment faces a challenge no one could have imagined in 1984: convincing people to purchase the single instead of just streaming or sharing it. The new song won’t be available on Spotify until after the holidays to encourage more people to buy the track. Given the level of trust social media stars enjoy from their fans, it’s likely that Zoe, Alfie and Joe will be instrumental in persuading their huge fanbase to purchase the song rather than accessing it by other means.

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