“All About That Space” Begs J.J. Abrams To Be Better

Space-crazed film fans have gotten together to beg J.J. Abrams to make his Star Wars about the story and not about the fandom.

After the backlash from the last ‘Star Trek’ film, it seems as though Abrams is going out of his way to tell the fans that he’s going to be true to the Star Wars series through several behind-the-scenes videos.

Abrams always tends to be very mum about what he’s working on, so the stream of content is refreshing in comparison to the dead silence prior to the last film. All leaked photos have been left intact, and there wasn’t an attempt to stifle them after the release.


However, if Abrams’ issues stem from catering to fan references rather than creating a cohesive story, then the release of content is less than reassuring.

Details for the upcoming Star Wars film have been kept completely under wraps, so it’s very up in the air on whether or not the movie will live up to expectations.

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