“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Is Even Creepier With Kids

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If you were to ask anyone what the creepiest mainstream Christmas song in existence is, most people would probably answer “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Generally lauded as the “super-rapey” Christmas tune, the duet still bafflingly continues to be covered by a number of high-profile artists. Like it’s romantic and not at all weird to sing a conversation involving a strong insinuation that the more forceful half of the duo may have spiked the other’s drink to get her to stay in his home.


Well, the holidays are drawing nearer, after all, and the first notable cover of this bizarre classic is from Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé.

Except they’ve made it even weirder.

Their music video of the song features what are presumably kid versions of themselves lip syncing along to their adult singing voices, crooning out the unnerving lyrics. Because the rapiest Christmas song in all the land needed kids thrown into the mix. Whose idea was that?

To the credit of whoever arranged this, though, some of the lyrics have been changed to make it slightly (and I mean slightly) less creepy, and the video largely takes place in a crowd of observers, which makes it somewhat less menacing than the usual videos that tend to be set in an isolated home somewhere. And the kids are cute and talented, so you can’t knock their part in it.

But seriously, it’s a pretty messed up concept. Here’s a new one: maybe just cover a different holiday song next time?

Until that day comes, see for yourself:

What other holiday songs do you think are fairly disturbing? Let us know, and uh, share this, I guess.