Bee and PuppyCat  Are BACK! (Finally!)

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 6.13.02 PM

The internet loves cuteness. And puppies. And cats. So why not combine all of that, throw in a girl named Bee, and make it a cartoon for YouTube?

In other words, the long awaited season premiere of Bee and PuppyCat has arrived!

An overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter to create a series out of the original YouTube short occurred just about a year ago, and fans of the super adorbs cartoon have been impatiently and eagerly counting down the days until the promised new episodes would launch.

If you aren’t familiar with Bee and Puppycat, it’s an animated story created by Natasha Allegri in which a young woman (that’s Bee) encounters a strange creature she decides to call a PuppyCat (that’s, well, PuppyCat). The duo embarked on an intergalactic babysitting adventure in the original short (which currently boasts almost four million views), and the new episodes continue following their space adventures.

The first two episodes are out now, so give them a watch, say “d’awww how cute” a few dozen times, and then watch ‘em again, hmm?


Are you a fan? What would you name a PuppyCat? Don’t forget to share!