Benedict Cumberbatch Engaged! Don’t Worry, It’ll Be OK

A subtle announcement revealed that yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is officially being taken off the market. Hearts were heard shattering around the world, but while you’re picking up the pieces here are some fine gentlemen of YouTube who are still “available.”

Now to be honest I don’t like prying too hard into people’s personal lives; I’m not Harvey Levin and this isn’t TMZ. So, I’m just going to provide a list of awesome gentlemen who for all intents and purposes appear to be bachelors. Let’s kick this off with:

George Watsky

YouTube musician and rap god Watsky is man with talent, ambition, and strong game. His career has been on the rise and doesn’t look like it’s ever going to stop.

William Haynes

Haynes, of SourceFed fame, is also notoriously single. Having been shipped with practically every member of the SourceFed team, and even being auctioned off for a date, Haynes has just enough adorable awkwardness for all of us.

Freddie Wong

Producer, director, special effects creator extraordinaire Freddie Wong has got it all in one package. He also still appears to be available, so if you’re looking for someone fun and creative, here’s your man!

DJ Flula

Flula, in a nutshell, is zany, wacky, musically inclined and probably going to provide the boost of adventure you’ve been looking for.

Ian Hecox

Hecox is actually recently back on the market. One half of the brilliant Smosh team, he’s liable to bring joy and laughter into your life.

Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa is a fun-loving guy with big aspirations. He also just got himself the most adorable puppy, for you dog lovers out there.


Here’s hoping that some of these amazing, and talented men can help heal your hearts. Don’t forget to help your grieving friends and pass this list along to them as well.