Beyoncé Gives YouTube A Gift: Her Whole Visual Album


With the launch of Music Key YouTube reminded the world that it’s a leading destination for music online. That’s only partially because among the millions of hours of footage uploaded to the platform every day is just about every piece of music imaginable; it’s also because music has long been a visual as well as an auditory medium. The age of music videos didn’t die with MTV’s TRL, it simply moved online, and the form has been enjoying a major renaissance recently with artists releasing increasingly ambitious videos hoping to capture viral views and slingshot to the top of the charts.

Of course no artist knows how to own a trend like Beyoncé. When the reigning queen of pop released her self-titled fifth album last December it was touted as a “visual album” complete with a music video for each of its 17 tracks. Now Queen Bey has gone ahead and made all 17 videos available on YouTube for all to enjoy. I know it’s a day late, but feel free to give thanks anyway.


Pretty Hurts




Drunk In Love feat. Jay Z


No Angel





Mine feat. Drake



Flawless feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Superpower feat. Frank Ocean




Blue feat. Blue Ivy

Grown Woman





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