Big Frame Signs 11 YouTubers To Its Increasing Roster

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If creators were trees, Big Frame just pulled off a YouTube deforestation with their signing of 11(!) creators. Part of their multifaceted vertical talent managing services has allowed the company, who was recently acquired by another company (AwesomenessTV) who was itself recently acquired by another company (Dreamworks), to offer unique perks and representation to creators from several different genres. Curious about who they’re now in league with? Here’s the lineup:

· Arden Ricks (AKA Arden Rose) is one of the most creative producers in the digital space and has distinguished herself through her comedic vlogs that feature an educational twist with a hint of beauty advice. Big Frame talent manager Byron Ashley and Lisa Filipelli, Vice President of Talent, represent Rose.
· Aspyn Ovard brings viewers into her daily life through beauty, DIY and lifestyle videos. Lisa Filipelli represents Ovard.
· Ava Gordy is a comedian who brings her audience to a halt. Big Frame talent manger Colette Patnaude represents Gordy.
· Jonah Green is an actor, comedian, vlogger, and member of the SDK collaboration group who brings life to every environment. Byron Ashley represents Green.
· Josh Sobo is thoughtful, fashionable, respectful, and talented, with a growing fan base who looks to him like an older brother for advice. He is represented by Byron Ashley.
· Kevin Droniak (AKA This Kid Needs Medicine) is a multi-hyphenate with an idiosyncratic sense of humor and he’s made being best friends with your grandma cool again. Big Frame talent managers Meghan Moeller and Byron Ashley represent Droniak.
· Lauren Luthringshausen (AKA Lauren Elizabeth) is smart, driven, and immensely talented, with acting chops that will find a home far beyond the walls of YouTube. Managers Meghan Moeller and Byron Ashley represent Elizabeth.
· Lisa Malambri is a new mom, gamer, model and an on-camera host who can translate the digital world for the new wave of millennial parents. Big Frame talent manager Jacob Israel represents Malambri.
· Mary Doodles is a master of design and drawings whose work entertains and inspires. She is represented by Colette Patnaude.
· Ryan Abe has a big personality and connects with fans all around the world through his personal channel and work as a member of the SDK collaboration group. He is represented by Byron Ashley.
· That’s Heart is a multi-talented beauty and fashion guru who specializes in makeup, hair, and clothing trends. She is represented by Lisa Filipelli.

I just copy/pasted the PR release because it’s Friday night and I’m all kinds of badass. Be sure to do us all a favor — subscribe to the above creators and watch every video they make. Simple, right?


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