Boxer Demolishes White Fan After Getting 5K Facebook Likes

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.25.49 AM
Deontay Wilder, the professional (and undefeated) heavyweight boxer made an interesting deal on Facebook: he would fight a fan if he got 5,000 likes. As far as this obnoxious “x number of likes” trend goes on social media, this one was pretty sweet. And though he probably didn’t intend it to be, we went and made it racial … because we’re the media.

Hell, I could see a “Rocky-style” movie made out of this — the arrogant undefeated pro making a challenge; some young, skilled upstart who nobody’s ever given a chance getting in the ring. The upstart wins and the crowd goes wild.

Sadly, brutally, that just isn’t the case in real life. In real life it’s more “The Great White Hype” than “Rocky.” Couldn’t they have chosen a younger fan for this fight? Look at all that gray in there. Someone who at least stood a chance?


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