BriBry is About to Be Your New Favorite Guy

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BriBry is a well-known YouTuber whose name I’ve personally seen come up a lot (it’s hard to forget a name like that), but whose videos I hadn’t watched until recently. My mistake!

Boasting over 350,000 subscribers on his main channel, BriBry’s videos mainly consist of musical performances and traditional vlogs. He spends a lot of time touring the UK performing and documenting his adventures, with a goal of visiting every country in the world.

And if that makes you panic and feel like you’re wasting your time on the internet, you can rest assured that you’re contributing to society when you stare at your computer watching BriBry’s YouTube videos. Why? Because all of his revenue gets dedicated to charity.

Aww. That’s nice. We like that, BriBry. More vloggers should do like you do.

So to kick off your inevitable new obsession with this cool dude — and get some funds to these charities — here are some of BriBry’s videos you should check out:

This relaxing cover of Lorde’s “Team.”

This original music video with impressively long continuous shots and a catchy song.

This “How to Speak Australian” instructional featuring Troye Sivan.

This admission, which is one of my biggest fears.

This “Out of the Woods” cover with Dodie Clark. Because everyone needs as many Taylor Swift coves as possible.

This video about YouTube/internet culture, keeping it real.

Do you love BriBry as much as we do now? You should. And so should your friends, so share this with them so they don’t feel left out!