Camp Takota Is Finally Coming To Netflix


Stop your life! Not literally of course. Like, don’t actually stop living, that would be terrible. Just stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and pay attention only to me. I have important news to relay and also I really like attention because I’m an only child and I’m used it. Getting back to the point, Camp Takota, the first of its kind feature film starring YouTube’s own holy trinity of hilarious ladies, is coming to Netflix in February. I’ll give you a moment to process that.

Are you good? Okay, so here’s the deal. Camp Takota will be available on Netflix starting December 1st. The film, which was released back in February after a series of distributor delays, stars Grace Helbig as a young woman who returns to her job as a camp counselor after her personal and professional life fall apart. To pull herself together she relies on help from two old friends played by Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart. The summer set romp is the perfect antidote for your winter blues, so clear your movie watching slate of all those Christmas classics and prepare to binge Camp Takota on repeat for at least a month.


The film, which also features appearances by Chester See and Sawyer Hartman and direction by The Brothers Riedell, is one of the first YouTube born projects to make its way to Netflix. Only a few other projects have made the leap including RocketJump’s Video Game High School and the YouTuber documentary Please Subscribe which also features prominent appearances by Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart among other YouTube notables.


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