Can Myspace Get Into Your Online Video Top 8?


So guys, I don’t want to alarm you or anything, but it turns out the Myspace still exists. Not only is the one time social networking king still around, but they’re angling for a spot at the online video table with a bunch of new partnerships. Myspace has been working hard to rebrand itself from a desolate social network into a hub for music and pop-culture content. Yesterday it announced new deals with The Mahogany Sessions, Complex Media, and Emmie’s House to bring new original video content to the site.

Each new partner will be bringing unique new content to Myspace to broaden the site’s appeal. The Mahogany Sessions specialize in acoustic sessions with popular artists on the rise. Recent epsiodes have featured hit makers like Bastille, Jack Johnson, and Passenger. Complex Media will contribute some of its male-focused pop culture content including premieres of its popular web show Magnum Opus, which examines the music that defined the career of some of the biggest artist in hip hop. Previous episodes have featured Ice Cube, Puff Daddy and Busta Rhymes. Myspace will round out its new recipe for success with Slumberparty @ Emmie’s House, a popular web series that features lighthearted but intimate interviews with rising pop stars. Recent episodes have featured an on-the-brink-of-superstardom Charli XCX, and perfect pop genius Betty Who.


Myspace is aiming to turn itself into a major destination for anyone looking for the next big thing. We can’t say for sure that the plan will lead to a massive Myspace resurgence, but we’re making preparations anyway. We recommend that you dust off your trusty Blackberry Razr and start taking some fresh mirror selfies. Remember the classic upward facing “Myspace angle” for best results. Also, our team of social media experts is already hard at work research the best ways to remove “Tom” from your Top Eight.


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