Can Ocho Dethrone Vine as King of Video Apps?


Perhaps you’ve heard of a little app called Vine? Six second video clips, stars with millions of followers, brand deals for days? Does any of this sound familiar? Of course it does, Vine is one of the most popular and well known apps on the market and no one knows that better than Silicon Valley. That’s probably why not a week goes by without someone trying to cash in on Vine’s success with a clone or a spin off. Poor Viddy isn’t even cold in its grave yet and a group of investors, including Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban, have already rallied around the latest claimant to the Vine throne, Ocho.

I’m joking of course — social video start-up Ocho has a novel spin on Vine’s winning formula. Instead of six second video clips Ocho, as the name suggests, allows eight! That’s two more seconds! In fairness, any good idea is worth doing more than once. The ascendancy of YouTube hasn’t stopped superficially similar video streaming sites like Dailymotion and Vimeo from finding their own niche in the market, and with a suite of slick new tools for social video connoisseurs Ocho aims to do the same.


The app caters to creators with features not offered by peers like Vine and Instagram. The eight second window provides a little more room to work but users can also use a time-lapse feature to speed up footage and fit more action into the allotted time-frame. Other tools let users add filters, correct colors, and even sample or record voiceover.

Ocho’s founder Jourdan Urbach believes that apps like Vine are increasingly dominated by a small circle of “high-end creators,” who dominate the ecosystem. He’s hoping that Ocho will provide opportunities for creators to share within their personal networks rather than consuming content from self-made stars. In contrast Urbach hopes that Ocho will make video creation easy and accessible to everyone rather. It’s a novel idea in theory but in practice the idea of a social video network that neither has nor particularly desires its own superusers seems a little impractical.

Will Ocho be the Vimeo to Vine’s YouTube or will it end up on the trash pile with Viddy? Only time will tell.


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