Connor Franta Crowns Arists-To-Watch With New Compilation Album


Connor Franta is releasing an album! I know what you’re thinking, Connor is many things, but as far as we know he’s not a singer. That’s true, but he does have an ear for music, and he wants to share his knack for picking hits with his legion of followers. That’s why he’s put together a new compilation album, Crown Vol. 1, packed with singles from up-and-coming musicians that have earned the Connor Franta seal of approval.

Franta introduced the compilation in a video and it’s already burning up the iTunes charts as fans of the ex-O2Ler download to their heart’s content. According to Franta’s posts on social media the endeavor isn’t really a profit making project, although he will see some cash from the iTunes sales. It’s mostly about drawing attention to artists on the verge and giving them a boost from his gigantic fanbase.

We looked over the track list for the first volume of Crown and we have no complaints. Franta has picked some very chill singles from artists like Grimes, High Highs, Atlas Genius, and perfect pop genius-angel Betty Who. We can’t argue with his taste or his approach to sharing his spotlight with some very deserving musicians.


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