Crackle Premieres Comedians In Cars Featuring Miranda Sings


We warned you that this day would come and it’s finally arrived. Crackle has premiered the much anticipated episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee featuring the one of a kind Miranda Sings dropped today. This season has already featured comedy superstars like Fred Armisen, Amy Schumer, and Kevin Hart and we’re pumped to see Miranda join that list of notables. Despite her millions of followers online and several successful live tours, Miranda remains one of the internet’s best kept secrets. Seinfeld even gave her a special shout out during an interview with David Letterman about the upcoming season of Comedians In Cars calling her “very talented” and “someone to watch.”

You can check out the episode over on Crackle using this handy link: Happy Thanksgiving Miranda

We’re not sure if Miranda will make Jerry another one of her boyfriends, but we’re definitely loving the chemistry between these two. If you can’t get enough you can also check out the collab that Miranda did with Seinfeld on her own channel below:


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