Dad Rocks Spiderman Outfit For Cancer Boy’s “Last” Birthday

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Jayden Wilson has a hell of a dad. My own father couldn’t be bothered to take his belt off to hit me, so it’s nice to see a father that shows initiative in this world.

Lately, I have been all about videos that make me feel optimistic for the beauty in the world (pretty soon, my featured videos will be nothing but footage of a plastic bag caught in the wind). Perhaps it is because I have lost millions of my own potential children to bathroom stalls and shower drains all over the world, but this video of a father making his son’s day, well, it catches me right in the feels.

Mike Wilson’s son has an advanced brain tumor — doctors are only giving him a year to live. So for the 5-year-old’s birthday, New Zealander Mike had a special Spiderman suit made so that he could give his son his coolest birthday wish ever.

And you have to give Mike, a YouTuber, also known as 3Run, extra kudos for the stylish way he enters. If I had tried that, I would have exploded my shin bones out through my kneecaps and given the boy a final year drenched in nightmares of Spiderman writhing on the ground surrounded by blood and his own compound fractures. Glad to see for the 3 million people who have watched this video so far, that wasn’t the case.


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